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Features & Benefits

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How is Concept different from other recruitment software applications?


      • Comprehensive Client Management
      • Organisation database
      • Vacancy database
      • Comprehensive Candidate Management
      • Reminders programme and events tracking (reminders flag up upon logging in)
      • Interview Tracking
      • CV Submissions and online traceability
      • Candidate Photos
      • Email directly from Concept
      • KPI Reports
      • Document scanning and multimedia storage
      • Advanced Database searches (including CV searches and keyword multimedia searches)
      • Warning pages and summary reports


      • Global Access (Internet-based software)
      • Easy to use
      • No set up time – ready to use online programme
      • Target small, medium AND large organisations (functionality, speed and size not a problem)
      • Fast connections when updating pages
      • Greater Efficiency
      • Increased Productivity
      • Increased Competitiveness
      • Enhanced, professional presentation
      • Quicker Return on Investment
      • Greater Profitability
      • Better Communications


How secure is the system and do we share a database with other customers?
  • System is fully online, fully secure with a unique database, company code and username and password.  You can view CV’s attached, certificates attached etc... from anywhere in the country/world as it is all saved on a remote and secure server in a state-of-the-art secure location.

  • How much training is required?

  • Easy to use, without any training (although our support team is always available to assist on any queries or changes that is needed)

  • Can I monitor and track CV’s sent out, upcoming Interviews with Candidates and Clients and monitor my Vacancies?

  • KPI Reports (the home page flags each consultants personal KPI’s for the week so you can monitor what still needs to be done each day and you can also do a separate report over a desired period to show KPI’s such as number of CV’s sent, number of Candidate Interviews,  Number of Client Interviews, placements etc...

  • Is there something in place that will remind me about candidate interviews, meetings, birthdays?

  • Reminders that automatically flag up each day on your home page as well as automatically emailing you to your Outlook inbox (and it automatically recognises candidate and client birthdays too and will email you and flag a reminder for this too).  You don’t have to have the system open for the reminders to be emailed to you – will be in your inbox/blackberry at 7am each morning.

  • Can I monitor vacancies and track events against vacancies, organisations, contacts and candidates?

  • Vacancies Report (live vacancies, all hyperlinked to the actual vacancy, as well as number of days the vacancy has been live for, how many CV’s sent against the vacancy and what stage of interviews you are at as well as offers received etc...).  All events are tracked against each other, no matter whether you are in candidate module, client module, organisation module or vacancy module

  • Can I search all CV’s on system via keywords as well as via qualifications, experience, skills, salaries, BEE Status?

  • Search Functionality – can search for keywords on CV’s as well as can do advanced search functions such as if you are looking for BEE candidates between a certain price range who are qualified CA’s, you can do this.  There is a CV search function as well as an advanced search function

  • Can I email from the system and does it track the email against vacancies, organisations, candidates and contacts?

  • Email functionality directly from the database, and these get automatically tracked against vacancies, organisation, contact and candidate in the logged events (you can track all events such as phone calls, emails, candidate and client interviews etc)

  • Can I save all documents on the system and then view them remotely when I log in again at another location?

  • Multi media function where you can save CV’s both formatted and original as well as certificates, ID, transcripts, videos etc...

  • Is there an option where I can attach a photo or video of candidate?

  • Photo on the main candidate screen so that you can remember the candidate you have seen and you can attach videos in the multimedia section

  • Will the system save me time and make me money?

  • It is professional looking and has a corporate look/feel.  The amount of time you will save by doing automatic matching of vacancies to candidates will allow you to focus on the more important areas within recruitment – making phone calls instead of searching and being able to send out more suitable CV’s and hence allow you to make more money.